Blubber Island Survival Guide #2

If you’re reading this, you have successfully not died. Congratulations. The first segment of the “Blubber Island Survival Guide” focused on the key aspects of the Blubber Island universe. Today we’re taking a more sociological approach. Blubber Island is a highly complex, inter-dimensional environment, so it’s really easy for things to get mixed up and turn a littleContinue reading “Blubber Island Survival Guide #2”

Blubber Island Survival Guide

Several of my friends and other brave souls have recently stepped ashore Blubber Island. They have entered a dangerous world in which nobody can guarantee their safety. As the author of this work, I feel somewhat responsible for the countless people (this includes you) who will end up deranged, scarfing down handfuls of their ownContinue reading “Blubber Island Survival Guide”

Blubber Island lives

Blubber Island by Guillermo Galvan   Welcome to the official Blubber Island blog. I’ve struggled to create a new genre I call “gutter surrealism,” which resulted in a five-year project called Blubber Island. This book was a lot of fun to write at first. I let my imagination off its dog chain, and it ranContinue reading “Blubber Island lives”