Blubber Island lives

Blubber Island by Guillermo Galvan


Welcome to the official Blubber Island blog. I’m starting this to promote myself as a writer and debut my first book Blubber Island. So what kind of a writer am I? To give you the fast response, I write fiction and gutter surrealism. You’ll find it’ll be difficult to pin me down outside of that. I’m sure as I create more works I’ll be labeled as many things. I’m not in the business of mind control, so go ahead and call me whatever you want. There’s too much control over our minds. The last thing I want to do is be part of the problem.

Did you ever stop to think how we’re living in a constant state of psychological warfare? Our minds are under constant attack to surrender and believe. Blubber Island deals with the exaggerated idea of “mind stealing” and how its unlocked powers could be used.

This book was a lot of fun to write. I really got to let my imagination off the dog chain and run free through the city. I knew I had to go really far out because I wanted to free everyone else’s imaginations also. It’s your imagination. How’s the old saying go? “Don’t even think about it.” Really? Not even a thought? Honestly, what’s the harm in a tiny little idea? Man, I hated being told that by teachers. I’d imagine making their heads explode with telekinesis. It’s my mind, I choose what I think. I encourage you to do the same.

Imagine! Go ahead, anything you want. You can blame it all on me. As long as it stays in your head, who cares? Do it right now. Close your eyes and imagine yourself flying through the clouds, and for bonus effect, give yourself unlimited laser vision. Go crazy with upgrades, it’s not like you gotta pay for the special effects.

So anyways that’s my thing.  I hope you give my book a try and trip out on Blubber Island.




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