Confessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima

  Confessions of a Mask is Yukio Mishima’s second novel which is thought to be heavily biographical and gained him recognition as brilliant young writer. The story centers on Kochan, a boy growing up in Imperial Japan during WWII. From a young age he realizes he is a homosexual yet forces himself to pass asContinue reading “Confessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima”

War is a force that gives us meaning by Chris Hedges

Chis Hedges was a war correspondent for the New York Times in many of the defining warzones of our times: the Balkans, Central America, and the Middle East. He has reported on wars from the inside, surviving ambushes, diving for cover alongside his military escorts, and witnessing the aftermath of every atrocity imaginable. The psychologicalContinue reading “War is a force that gives us meaning by Chris Hedges”

the brotherhood of the grape by John Fante

  John Fante is an American writer who doesn’t get his due respect. The man writes with passion, anger, and a craving for life. The Brotherhood Of The Grape is the third book I’ve read from Fante. So far the man is three for three with all aces. This book is about Henry Molise, aContinue reading “the brotherhood of the grape by John Fante”

Black Friday by David Goodis

  I’m hooked on that noir. My last review was Jim Thompson’s After Dark, My Sweet, and while I try to vary my reviews by genre I couldn’t resist following up with more another work of vintage crime. Black Friday is the first book I’ve read from David Goodis. Now I must admit after readingContinue reading “Black Friday by David Goodis”

After dark, my sweet by Jim Thompson

  Jim Thompson is quickly becoming my favorite noir writer with books like my latest read, After Dark, My Sweet. It’s a story about Williams Collins, an escapee from a mental institution who tries to blend into a small town as a normal person. He’s a very kind man who is too easily persuaded andContinue reading “After dark, my sweet by Jim Thompson”

Ten Questions for five writers

Fellow writer, James Newman is currently doing a little project in conjunction with writer and publisher, Tom Vater of Crime Wave Press. The idea is do a chain interview with five other writers working in the East. I’ve been asked to participate. What is the title of your book? Blubber Island. What is the one-sentenceContinue reading “Ten Questions for five writers”

Give Me Liberty! by Gerry Spence

  I picked up Give Me Liberty! because Gerry Spence’s How to Argue and Win Every Time greatly influenced me. I would have never read either of these books if it were up to me. First off Gerry Spence looks like some shit kicking cow boy that going to lecture me about how on howContinue reading “Give Me Liberty! by Gerry Spence”