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Film review of “Faster” a motogp documentary that rips


The MotoGP is where riders compete to on the fastest motorcycles in the world, 500cc that can top out at nearly 200 mph. Faster is a documentary that follows the 2001-2002 seasons across the world. If you’re not a sports racer, don’t discount movie so fast. What makes this film fascinating is the in depth look into the mentality of the people who compete where the stakes are deadly high. Their world is truly of itself.

The film centers on an eccentric group of world class riders (Valentino Rossi, Max Biaggi, Garry McCoy, and John Hopkins). Their rivalries, passions, and philosophies are depicted through interviews and on the track. There’s a good balance between these two aspects. The personalities are hilarious. There is also enough of a psychological factor and drama to give the film depth. All this serves to draw the viewer’s feelings into the race scenes. Everyone will gravitate towards their favorite; the defending champion, bitter rival, upcoming rookie. The on bike cameras give a great first person perspective on the battlefield the track is. There is also plenty of brutal wreckage footage to remind you that this more than a mere sport.


I highly recommend Faster to anyone who enjoys motorcycles, adrenaline sports, and is fascinated at what extremes people can push themselves to. I’m personally not a racing fan of any kind, but I was very impressed.  It’s one of those films that changes your perspective. Faster is more than just a movie about going insanely fast in a quest for glory, although, who could complain about that?