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“Black Friday” Human sacrifice are good deals to the gods

Another Black Friday passed. The first thing I did after the rush was Google search “Black Friday Death.” It happens every year, so this one shouldn’t be any different. In some ways, it’s the American counterpart to Spain’s running with the bulls. Injuries and death are acceptable outcomes in both occasions. Last year, a full-grown, 270-pound man was trampled to death when a crowd of Wal-Mart shoppers smashed through the glass doors. There was also an incident where two men squared off in a gun duel at a Toys-R-Us; both men were murdered. This year, a woman was killed when her SUV collided with a cop cruiser on her way to do her Black Friday shopping.

Are these senseless deaths? I don’t think so. Everyone killed on Black Friday is not a freak accident, but rather, a blood sacrifice to the gods. These gods, which feed our insatiable appetite for all things consumable, are a mysterious power whose inner working is beyond the compression of even the wisest men. The captains of industry and CEO’s can only speculate and pose as if they are in total control. Their collective failure is reflected in the government bailout of billions of American tax dollars. Money we put into a collective pool to benefit our society, if it were only so! The money is gone. Oh, the irony in banks robbing banks.  And yet, the money is running out for everyone as if it’s disappearing into the blue sky.

That’s my point exactly.

By now everything has become obvious enough. We are a collection of nations that have coerced the world into offering everything it has to this glutenous god. No, I’m not talking about the Christian god Jesus Christ. All major gods act as a spokesperson which stands in front of the true forces we unconsciously worship. This ultimately mysterious being is much like us; it has a never-filling hunger. Through us, it will devour Earth itself, and if possible, the universe too. Between humanity and this god there is a reciprocal relationship of everlasting consumption. It feeds us, and by doing so we are better able to feed it. Despite how many people will deny it, Black Friday is a sacrificial celebration to gods of divine hunger. The deaths I was referring to earlier are human sacrifices.

Take a look at the wars all over the world. The root cause in every major military conflict is economics. All that talk about god and country is nothing but an easily-grasped facade for the masses. Their deaths are also offering, nothing is wasted. Economics is another just another name for the system by which we feed the world, people and all, to the secret hungry god that is able to devour the universe. It is amazing that we managed to create an “eater of everything.”

On behalf of all the cult members who participated on Black Friday, Happy Birthday!


Colorado and Washington legalize marijuana with the world set to follow


Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana. It almost sounds too good to be true. Are we really finally getting away from the ridiculous pot laws based on “Reefer Madness” logic? Washington and Colorado did, and they did it with the vote. The federal government is throwing a hissy fit but it’s become increasingly obvious that criminalizing marijuana just doesn’t work and we don’t want government intruding our lives. To Obama I’d also like to remind him to think about how many pot smokers voted Democrat this year.

My question is, who’s next? What state will follow up in the domino effect for a 100% marijuana friendly United States of America? We all know that with these stressful times everyone could seriously use a little relaxation. Canada, who has already taken a more laid back approach towards cannabis, is sure to come along. With Canada and the US puffing away, Mexico and the rest of Latin America will throw in on the massive smoke out. After that, it’s only a matter of time till the rest of the world is puffing on a giant blunt of freedom.


I feel like John Lennon. Imagine a world where enjoying ganja is no longer a crime. Currently the world is drenched in legal alcohol, is it a coincidence that there is war and violence everywhere? A world that embraces cannabis may be fertile grounds for a new social revolution, not one of violence, but one that is open to the idea that violence and greed isn’t compatible with the progress of humanity. If the people can legalize herb, what else is within our reach?

The federal government has proven itself to be wasteful beyond all imagination, murderously deceitful, intrusive, corruptible by large campaign contributions, and holds money to be more important than its people. It’s just ugly. But we ordinary people must accept our share of the blame for the government’s sorry condition because we let it get that way. Washington and Colorado have shown that being actively involved in your government comes with its rewards too.


The youth disempowers itself by choosing not to participate. A lot of younger voters even feel that they are “fighting the system” by not voting. Their reasons for being angry are valid. But drinking beer while listening to rock music, is not a revolution. Anyone who thinks so only has to take a trip to WA or CO, and ask them what they think. This victories will be short lived unless we hold our ground against the federal government and tell them to, “Back off!

Seize the ballot! Occupy the polls! Our numbers are large but we don’t realize how powerful we could be if only we used the rules to our advantage. I admit that the vote is not a cure all solution but that’s because there is no cure all solution for the problems we face. Still, the vote is one of the most concrete legal ways to make your voice counted. If you already vote, then more power to you, and try to get more people to join. For everyone that’s on the fence about how effective voting is, I urge you look at how angry the federal government is these two states deciding for themselves how they want to live their lives. The government needs to realize we are not a nation of peasant children for them to play the father role over. Empower yourself by registering to vote, and do more if you can. Its your life, don’t give some strangers the authority to run it.