Art Gallery

Some of these drawing are new and others were dusted off. I’m always trying to evolve my technique and subjects while staying grounded in my unique style. For inquiries email me at

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Thanks for checking out my art.


guitar marked

I love music, but I can’t play guitar worth a damn. Either way, being alone and playing a few chords is a nice way to zen out.


pizza hut marked

This should be recognizable to all to all the comedy nerds out there, or else, Pizza will send out for you!


indian marked

I’ll leave this one in pencil.




gaint marked

He’s a legend in wrestling and the art world. Don’t mess with the giant or he’ll eat you like a chicken nugget.


The book cover

Design for book cover.


boy marked

I think we all can relate.

big ant marked

If you grew up in the 90’s, you’re probably thinking of “that” movie.


Kat marked better

Thanks to my friend Kat for letting my post her portrait.



This one is inspired by my favorite artist, Moebius.




Swami’s State Beach


falling down marked

Have a bad day.



stare 1000 marked

Russian soldier in WWII with thousand-yard stare.


surfer marked

My coastal roots.


mother marked

A complete sweet heart.

nfl kick marked


Somebody’s having a bad day.



samurai marked

This one goes way back to my Sharpie days after school.


quinn marked

This drawing will grace the pages of Rat Rod magazine (thanks guys).



war marked



horse marked

Exactly one horse power.


jokers mark

They finally get his humor. Har! Har!


flower power marked

And in the distance, a lawn mower engine coughed to life.


Big Eye marked.jpg


This is my tribute to Eric Powell, creator of The Goon. I love his characters.


VR guy marked

Back to the 80’s. Trip out!


Image (30)

Me and my best friend.



Me every Monday.


There’s a story in here. Everyone knows what it is.


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