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A New Counter-culture Art Form Emerges from a Controversial Novel

OKINAWA, JP—(August 26, 2012) Still in its infancy in the art world, Gutter Surrealism’s place in literacy had yet to be developed—until Ismael Galvan wrote Blubber Island, a reality-bending, dark comedy novel that questions today’s human freedom. The story centers on a group of outcasts struggling to maintain and disrupt the fabric of reality.

“I think of Blubber Island as the first solid attempt at the genre of Gutter Surrealism in literature,” comments Galvan, indicating towards his background in Art History and Art Theory. “If you do a Google search for Gutter Surrealism, at most, you’ll find scant remarks.”

Although Gutter Surrealism seems synonymous to other counter-culture forms such as junk art, sewer punk, Anarchism, Dadaism, and Surrealism, Gutter Surrealism stands alone. “Gutter Surrealism is its own legitimate movement seeking to cut out its own path,” Galvan noted on his blog, Blubber Island ( “But there’s a lot of similarities [punk culture and Gutter Surrealism] have in common; a spirit of D.I.Y. (do it yourself), liberation, anti-authority, high energy, [and] anti-mind control.”

While Galvan’s book, Blubber Island, embodies the ideas of Gutter Surrealism, it also challenges society’s attack on people’s imagination. Using a story that centers around a mysterious dream device with the potential to destroy or re-create the world, Blubber Island juxtaposes bizarre scenarios with metaphysical and philosophical ideals. The inept authority figures, such as the creator of the dream device, are painted in a negative light while the young, homeless teenagers and punk rockers become noble presences in the book.

Many readers who have read the book attest to Blubber Island’s ability to speak to the contemporary audience. One customer reviewer wrote, “Blubber Island confronts […] controversial issues that we all face in today’s world (racism, sex, homelessness, religion, politics, drugs, dreams, modern philosophy).”

The paperback and Kindle editions of Blubber Island are available on Amazon for $4.20. Also, a review copy of Blubber Island is free upon request by emailing

About Ismael “ish” Galvan

Ismael Galvan is a first-generation Mexican writer from San Diego, California. He graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Art Theory. Galvan currently lives in Japan as an English teacher with his wife.


If you would like to contact Ismael “ish” Galvan, please email or visit his blog at


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